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We’ve expanded to GWR, Avanti and Transpennine

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We first launched All Change in late 2019 on South Western Railway (SWR), and we remain the only service in the UK that can automate train delay compensation for season tickets users. We planned to expand to other train operators in 2020 but it wasn’t the best time - Covid-19 resulted in a dramatic reduction in commuter travel.

Public transport usage is back on the rise so we’ve finally kicked off our expansion plans, starting with the following train operators for season ticket users:

  • Great Western Railway (GWR)

  • Avanti West Coast

  • Transpennine Express

To join our service, new users simply need to download the latest app and sign up.

First Group train operators

What these new train operators and SWR have in common is their current owner, First Group. The new operators therefore use the same underlying claim processing system, making expansion easier for us.

Since late last year we’ve been working with First Customer Connect, a First Group subsidiary responsible for processing claims on behalf of their operators. We’ve agreed to various actions to improve fraud prevention, and we’re committed to continuing this work.

Future expansion and GBR

Expansion beyond First Group may depend on the rail industry’s shift to Great British Railways (GBR). In late May the UK Government announced their plans for a single public brand, GBR, to be responsible for running all aspects of the railway. The plans include:

  • Flexible season tickets from 21st June

  • A new GBR website for all ticket sales and information

  • A single compensation system for train operators in England

These initiatives are good for All Change and our users because a single compensation system will make it simpler to expand our service, and there should be consistent treatment of claims throughout the country. Private train operators like First Group will still play a significant role in the railways, however they’ll no longer collect fare revenue.

We’ll keep you informed as the Government’s GBR plans fall into place, and as our expansion plans evolve.


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