• Paul Coster

We're making an impact - negative tactics have started

In the last few weeks we helped our users with over 1,000 claims, and we’ve now exceeded a total of £10,000 in refunds. And from last week, we’ve seen negative tactics - South Western Railway (SWR) are declining some of our valid delay claims without a specific reason:

“we’ve rejected your claim as it doesn’t meet the criteria stated in our current policy”

In the same email, they don’t provide a link or reference to their criteria or policy. This is obviously unhelpful, if not unethical.

What are we doing?

  1. We’re getting advice regarding consumer rights

  2. We’ve started the appeal process and we’re notifying all affected users

  3. We’ve also reached out to Transport Focus, Campaign for Better Transport, Association of British Commuters, and the Office of Road and Rail (ORR)

We’re fighting for every one of our user's claims. If you're a user and would like an update, please contact us at team@allchange.org.uk.



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