• Paul Coster

Our work on fraud prevention

Last month we gave our view on the ORR’s proposed delay compensation reforms. We welcome their reforms but noted the importance of standardising train operating company (TOC) Delay Repay websites. Maintaining an automated claim system for 20+ different systems is challenging for intermediaries (but we’ll do it if we have to).

One part of the reforms will require intermediaries who help passengers with Delay Repay claims to adhere to a Code of Conduct. Within this code, there’s a requirement for us to protect against duplicate and fraudulent claims.

Our system already catches duplicate claims and prevents users from submitting these.

On fraud prevention, we recognise there’s more we can do. According to a recent case study at one TOC, fraudulent Delay Repay claims may account for ~15% of total claims.

Actions agreed with First Customer Contact

To improve our fraud prevention we’re working with First Customer Contact (FCC), who process South Western Railway’s claims, to better understand what needs to be done. Initial actions we’ve agreed to include:

  • An alert asking users to confirm their next claim is valid

  • A privacy policy update to allow sharing of data with TOCs for fraud prevention

  • Not allowing claims that don't match a timetabled train

  • Identifying impossible or improbable claims

FCC is happy with these actions and they can see the benefits of our automated system. Unlike other Delay Repay intermediaries, we can help to verify claims using location data. Our system may lead to more claims overall but TOCs can be more confident the claims are non-fraudulent.


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