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Our mission and vision for change

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

In our last post we asked if radical change to UK rail is possible. We believe it is possible, starting with claiming £100m+ in refunds each year, incentivising rail operators to improve (£100m is ~30% of their profits).

Like many organisations, we’ve decided to describe the path to radical change through a mission and vision. The vision is our dream or ‘north star’. It helps us to keep focused on what matters and avoid distractions. The mission is how we’ll get to our vision.

As an example, WWF’s mission is “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth” and their vision is “build a future in which people live in harmony with nature”.

Our mission

Empower people to radically change UK rail while supporting charities

Less than one third of trains arrive ‘on time’, so it’s clear that radical change is needed. In late 2016, Chris and I (All Change founders) were commuting on Southern during the strike action. We saw an opportunity to vastly simplify claiming refunds for delayed journeys and empower change.

Our decision to support charities feels natural. We’re an organisation with a strong social purpose and the (often small) delay refunds are an easy way for people to give a little to a good cause, starting with the UK Sepsis Trust. Sepsis was recently revealed as the most deadly condition in the world. It accounts for 1 in 5 deaths and kills ~11 million people each year, including ~50,000 in the UK.

Our vision

People love to travel by rail

Rail was invented in the UK and we have one of the world’s most extensive railway systems, including over 2,500 passenger stations. We’re extending the network further by investing billions in projects like High Speed 2, connecting London to the north with Europe’s fastest trains.

Rail should be a way for people to travel long distances in comfort while minimising their impact on the environment. Yet many people have fallen out of love with rail. And rightly so - somehow it’s become normal for trains to be late, cancelled and crowded.

It’s ambitious, but we want people to love travelling by train in the UK. Perhaps we’re unlikely to achieve the nature of adoration shown to the Hello Kitty train in Japan... but you never know!

To achieve our mission and vision we need to ensure that we’re a sustainable social enterprise, which we’ll discuss in the coming weeks.

Questions about sepsis? Please contact simon@sepsistrust.org

Questions or feedback for us? Please contact us at team@allchange.org.uk.



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