• Paul Coster

Is radical change possible?

In our last blog post we announced AllChange, a social enterprise on a mission to improve UK rail. We promise AllChange will be a voice for you, demanding services that:

  • Are good value for money

  • Run on time

  • Have sufficient seating at peak times

As you know, this requires radical change. Currently, ~35% of the UK's train services don’t arrive 'on time'. Yet ticket costs increase ~3% on average each year.

So, is radical change possible? We believe it is, starting with:

1. Incentivise train operators by claiming £100m+ (~30% of their profits)

We want to make claiming refunds simple. Each year, more than £100m in refunds aren’t claimed. In 2017/18 the combined profits of train companies was ~£300m. Claiming all refunds owed could result in a profit decrease of ~30% - that’s a massive incentive for rail operators to improve.

2. Join together the voices of ~2 million rail commuters

There is strength in numbers. In the UK, ~2 million people regularly commute by overground rail. By joining together under a common purpose, AllChange will create a voice that can’t be ignored by rail operators or the UK Government.

3. Ask train operators to step up

Delay refunds are required by law. We believe train operators should do more to make claiming refunds simple. Before starting AllChange we participated in startup programmes supported by Govia and London North Eastern Railway (LNER), two of the UK’s largest rail companies. When the time is right, we’ll ask South Western Railway, and other operators, to step up.

In a few weeks, the much anticipated William’s Review will publish its recommendations on how to fix the UK’s rail system. It’s expected to recommend a regional ownership model, similar to how Transport for London (TfL) operates. But these structural changes won’t happen overnight.

Radical change requires your support, so please spread the word and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Questions or feedback? Please contact us at team@allchange.org.uk



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