• Paul Coster

Introducing privacy mode

All Change offers the simplest and most transparent service for UK train users to claim delay compensation. Currently we’re only available for season ticket users on iOS, but we’ve started expanding train operators, and we plan to support other ticket types (e.g. Advance tickets) too.

In order to provide our service, it’s necessary for us to collect personal data. In summary, we collect data to:

  • Detect your journeys and claims - coarse location data, fitness/motion data

  • Process your delay claims - personal details, ticket data

  • Improve the app’s performance - in-app feedback forms, app/device logs

Importantly, we do not collect precise location data using the phone’s GPS. We only collect coarse location data that tells us the approximate time users enter or exit certain areas, relying on your phone’s interaction with WiFi and mobile networks. The certain areas are train stations and your work address (never your home address). Providing us with fitness/motion data is not necessary but helps to improve our service.

We recognise there’s times when users may not want to share coarse location data or motion data with us, so our latest app release includes privacy mode. When this mode is enabled, we won’t collect any location or motion data from a device. As a consequence, we also won’t detect any journeys or claims. You may like to use this mode when you’re not regularly travelling by train.

We’d encourage you to disable privacy mode when you’re making train journeys and submitting claims. Your coarse location data and motion data helps to demonstrate claims are legitimate, which means they’ll be processed more quickly and smoothly by operators in future. We’ve had a recent example where a train operator suspected fraudulent claims, but the location data proved otherwise.

We aspire to be a data privacy leader in transport and mobility so we’re applying ‘privacy-led design thinking’ to our entire service. This means that every new app feature or system change will have privacy at the front of mind. Our future privacy initiatives will target:

  • Reducing the period of time we store certain information

  • Increasing on-device processing (so we collect less data from your device)

  • Improving log in security

We’re also trialling an advanced security solution to further protect our service against hackers.

If you’d like to learn more about our privacy approach, please see our privacy policy or contact us at team@allchange.org.uk.


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