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All Change please

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Modal Rail, our original app, started as a technology venture to help train commuters easily claim refunds on delayed journeys. We believe every claim incentivises the rail operators to do better.

Over the last year we've spoken with many of you and hear your frustration with UK rail. We now see an opportunity for us to join together and demand better rail services. Currently in the UK:

  • ~5% of services are cancelled or delayed by more than 15 minutes

  • Over £100 million in refunds are unclaimed each year

  • Commuters like us pay ££££'s per year to travel on unreliable, crowded services and endure strike action

Today we're launching AllChange, a social enterprise on a mission to improve UK rail. We'll be a voice for what matters to you, pushing for services that are good value for money, run to schedule and have sufficient seating at peak times.

What happens to the Modal Rail app? We've released an update rebranding to AllChange, otherwise it's business as usual. We'll continue to work hard on improving the app, identifying more journeys/claims and processing claims faster.

What about Android and other train operators? We're planning to launch an Android app early in 2020 and, later in the year, expand beyond South Western Railway. Please register interest at allchange.org.uk.

What next? We'll announce more about AllChange over the coming weeks. Change requires your support, so please spread the word and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Together, let's make a claim for better rail.

Questions or feedback? Please contact us at team@allchange.org.uk.

All Change please.



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