Our mission

Rail is low carbon transport that can keep us mobile and help the environment. Let’s put passengers first with quick, easy refunds on delayed journeys

Transport is an essential part of our society. It allows us to connect with others and experience new people, places and cultures.

In the UK, trains are a cornerstone of our transport system. Rail was invented here and now assists more than 1.5 billion journeys each year, or ~10% of total journeys across all modes of transport.


In recent decades our railways have seen substantial growth in journeys but unfortunately many people, particularly commuters, have experienced poor service at times. Prior to Covid-19, more than one third of trains weren’t arriving on time.


During the Covid-19 recovery, rail will remain a cornerstone of UK transport helping many to reconnect with each other without a reliance on cars. Trains also help to offset the negative impact of cars on us and our environment, which includes carbon emissions, air pollution and unnecessary use of public space.


Rail is low carbon transport that can keep us mobile and help the environment. Let’s put passengers first with quick, easy refunds on delayed journeys. This will help to rebuild trust, and achieve the industry’s goal of putting “passengers at the heart of rail”.

All Change is a social enterprise on a mission, empowering people to radically change UK rail while making the world a better place. We're working with passengers, charities and operators to make it happen.

All Change please.